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Frequently Asked Questions


Passengers with special needs

1. Can a pregnant women travel by plane?

Yes, however, the International Air Transport Association recommends pregnant women to have a doctor’s certificate indicating that they are allowed to travel. Such a certificate is necessary in the following cases:


  • Less than 4 weeks have remained to delivery;
  • Pregnancy is complicated;
  • Earlier deliveries were complicated.
  • In accordance with the applicable General Rules of Passenger and Cargo Carriage, pregnant women are not accepted on board after the 36th week of pregnancy.


2. What is the “Form of eligibility of pregnant women to fly” or a medical certificate?

Passengers whose pregnancy is 28 weeks or more must have a doctor’s permission to fly - a filled in medical certificate. The certificate must contain the following information:


  • Flight date and flight number;
  • Gestation term;
  • Confirmation that pregnancy is without any complications;
  • A doctor’s confirmation that the woman is allowed to travel;
  • A doctor’s signature and seal.


Pregnant women flying with Ryanair airlines can download this Form of eligibility of pregnant women to fly and provide it to the doctor or midwife. The completed form or a doctor’s certificate must be submitted to the crew of the aircraft. It is not permitted to travel without this completed form or a doctor’s certificate.


3. What passengers must travel with an accompanying person?

Passengers whose mobility is obviously reduced, who are not independent and may pose a threat to the security must be accompanied by a physically strong person older than 16 years of age.