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Did not find a direct flight?

Mash-up flights - an alternative offered by

Still considering visiting your dream destination, but still not finding the right flight? Unfortunately, we have to admit that not all the best corners of the world can be reached by direct flights. Nevertheless, the dynamic aviation industry tends to adapt to the needs of travellers, therefore when searching for airline tickets to your destination, you can find mash-ups from different airlines on website. Experience has shown that you can even save your money by doing so!

What are mash-up flights?

Mash-up flights are the most smart and interesting way of finding ideal flight combinations for your chosen destination! This means joining and combination of several different flight routes, and often even from different airlines. For example, there is no a direct flight from Vilnius to Lisbon, therefore the cheapest way to visit this country is to use the mash-ups. Sounds complicated? Here's what your trip might look like: you would fly from Vilnius to London with Ryanair airlines and from London to Lisbon with Wizz Air airlines.

How to find mash-ups?

The most pleasant part of mash-ups is that you don't have to look additionally for anything! The system is able to automatically combine the most convenient connecting flights at the best price available at the moment of search. Enter the desired destination on platform and choose from all available offers!

Mash-up flights are marked with a special icon in search

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Benefit of buying mash-ups via

Combined airline tickets may look like sophisticated system, but buying tickets via is much easier.

Single payment
By buying tickets via platform you pay for all airline tickets at one time. If one flight becomes more expensive, the team of takes all responsibility for such case.
One check-in for different flights
When using services, check-in for different flights and even for different passengers can be done at the same time with a single click, therefore there is really no need to worry about flight details and check-in of all passengers on your chosen flights.
All information from one source
When using services and buying flight tickets on website, all your questions regarding the trip will be answered by our flights experts. We are able to serve our clients in Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, English, Polish and Turkish languages.
IMPORTANT: possible risks
  1. Mash-up flights are not connecting flights. When buying mash-ups it is important to evaluate transfer time. When flying to larger cities it is extremely important to consider that the transfer airport is the same. In the case of different transfer airport it is important to consider whether there is enough time to successfully reach it.
  2. Each carrier is only responsible for its own segment. This means that if at least one of your flights is late and you are not able to transfer on time, this will be considered to be your own responsibility.
  3. Baggage needs to be re-checked at the transfer point. This means that at each transfer point you will have to collect your baggage at the baggage conveyor and re-check it for the next flight.
Mash-up flights

Often they allow you to see even more and save money. Travel smart!


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