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Wizzair allows children to travel alone from the age of 14, while Ryanair lets them fly solo from the age of 16. Children who are younger than the specified age can take a flight only if they are accompanied by an adult. If you have already purchased a ticket for a child and intend to buy a separate one for an adult (or vice versa), the price charged for the joining of the tickets will depend on the airline. In order to avoid this fee, we recommend purchasing your tickets together. Please feel free to contact us if you want to join your tickets.

If you wish to purchase checked baggage when your flight booking has already been paid for, please contact us by e-mail and indicate the booking number and the necessary amount of baggage units. We will respond to the e-mail letter and specify the price for the baggage, and if you are satisfied with the price, we will send you a link to make a payment.

When taking flights with Wizzair, boarding passes are made available at least 24 hours before the flight if the information you have provided is correct. You can access boarding passes by connecting to the self-service website. If you do not receive your boarding passes at least 20 hours before the flight, please contact us immediately.

You can book a priority boarding service by filling in the booking form. If you want to book this service when the flight booking has already been confirmed, please inform us of your wish by e-mail or phone and we will send you a payment link and will notify you whether the service has been booked successfully.

If you already have the boarding pass (a flight document containing a barcode), this means that the check-in for the flight has been carried out and you will not have to check in at the airport once again. If, after connecting to the self-service website, you can see that only your tickets are available (without a barcode), the check-in might be required depending on the airline you are flying with. We always inform our customers about the check-in for the flight by e-mail and you will also be able to see this information when you connect to the self-service website. If you have any further questions, please contact us by e-mail and do not forget to indicate your booking number.

The check-in procedure depends on the rules of a specific airline. When flying with airlines that offer cheap flights (Ryanair and Wizzair), we recommend that you check in for the flight through our system free of charge (the check-in at the airport is considered to be a fee-based service in such cases). If you fly with airlines that offer regular (scheduled) flights (Lufthansa, LOT, Turkish Airlines, Finnair and others), you will be able to check in free of charge at the airport before the flight. Some airlines that offer regular flights (AirBaltic and Ukraine International Airlines) charge a fee when you check in at the airport, therefore when flying with them, we recommend that you perform an online check-in free of charge. When flying with charter flights, check-in is free of charge at the airport. Irrespective of the airline you are planning to fly with, we will send you information about a specific check-in by e-mail.

If you fly between European cities, your identification document (passport or identity card) shall be valid during the flight. If you fly outside Europe, your passport shall be valid for at least six months after the return date.

Airlines do not provide refunds for tickets. However, if you have any doubts about your flight and want to be on the safe side, we offer you to buy a money-back guarantee service along with your plane ticket. This service will enable you to recover 70% of the price of the plane ticket, if you decide to cancel the flight. In this case you will have to complete an application for a refund and to submit it by e-mail not later than 3 days prior to the date of the first flight. The indicated amount of money will be returned to the payer’s account within seven days from the date of the flight.

Currently you are allowed to take one small piece of hand luggage (40 x 20 x 25 cm) into the aircraft cabin free of charge. If you also want to have a larger piece of hand luggage with you, you can purchase a priority boarding service, which guarantees that there will be space for both pieces of hand luggage in the aircraft cabin. You can buy this service when you make your booking.

First and foremost it is necessary to establish what kind of assistance a disabled person requires. Please inform us about this by sending an e-mail to the following address: [email protected] and by answering these questions: whether the person needs help to board the plane, whether the person is able to walk, what type of a wheelchair the person uses if he/she has it and the like. Then we will be able to book assistance at the airport. This service is delivered free of charge.

When taking Ryanair flights, the amount of EUR 140 is charged per person and per flight segment for a name change. Before making a decision on the change of the name, we suggest checking ticket prices that are available for the same date since it is likely that it will be cheaper to buy a new ticket than to change the name in the booking.

Yes, there are. The same hand luggage rules that are established for adults also apply to children (older than 2 years of age).

Both Ryanair and Wizzair apply the same policy in relation to the purchase of a priority boarding service. You can buy this service for selected passengers or selected flight segments.

Plane ticket prices continue to change for several reasons. First of all airlines that offer cheap flights fail to provide customers with the possibility to reserve tickets, which means that as long as the airline does not receive the customer’s payment, the price remains unstable and is subject to change at any time. The demand for flight tickets also influences the occurrence of changes in the price: often there are only a few tickets left for a certain (low) price, thus as long as you do not make a payment, someone else may buy them. Sometimes there are changes even in plane ticket prices of airlines that offer regular flights, for example you make a booking late at night and the price turns out to be different in the morning. This happens because each airline establishes a different duration of validity for ticket reservations. As a result, if you want to reserve a ticket, we suggest not making a reservation late at night. In each case, in our e-mail letter and on our self-service website we specify a period of time within which you should make a payment for a ticket. On each occasion we recommend making a payment as soon as possible because this reduces the risk of changes in the price.

If the airline announces that some changes have been made to the flight and you feel dissatisfied with them, please contact us and we will provide you with a refund for those plane tickets you have purchased. The refunded amount does not include service fee.

The airlines allow you to have a so-called ‘mother’s bag’ weighing no more than 5 kg and having dimensions of no more than 40 x 30 x 20 cm. When flying with both airlines, you can have a baby carriage for free, which goes into the bagage compartment free of charge.

During the flight the infant must have its identification document, the certificate of birth is not a proper document in this case. In addition, it should be noted that the number of infants shall match the number of adults, i.e. one person cannot fly with two infants because the infant sits on the adult’s lap on the plane.

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