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Frequently Asked Questions


Flight documents

1. What travel documents may be required for the flight?

Traveling to another country by plane, each passenger must have the necessary travel documents and visas according to the laws of the countries of departure, transit and destination.

A passport or personal identity card, which expires during the trip, is held invalid. Many countries require that a tourist’s passport would be valid for at least 6 months from the closing date of the travel (it may be required to have a passport valid 12 months after the trip).

Personal identity cards are valid not in all foreign countries, therefore when travelling to those countries it is necessary to have a passport. (You may check the validity of your ID card in the country you want to go to on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).


2. Can I present my driver’s license at the airport as a personal identity document?

No. It is necessary to present a personal identity card or a passport.


3. What countries require visas?

A visa is a sign that a country has allowed a person to enter its territory. Visas are required to enter a country, except in those cases when a cross-border agreement on visa-free travels has been concluded between countries. You can check whether you are required to get a visa travelling to another country on the consular information website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.