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Frequently Asked Questions



1. How can I check-in for the flight?

Depending on the rules of the airlines, you may check in for the flight online or at the airport.

When checking in for the flight at the airport, you will need to provide a tile of the e-ticket, an identity document and a visa (if required).


2. What are the deadlines for check-in for the flight?

Check-in deadlines are different and youare responsible to find out the registration deadlines and follow them. Check-in at the airport for the routes in the middle of Europe expires 45 minutes before the flight whose time is indicated on the ticket. Check-in for international flights ends 60 minutes before the flight whose time is indicated on the ticket.


3. How can I check-in for the flight when purchasing low-cost airline tickets?

When purchasing flight tickets of low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, Wizzair, Air Baltic, etc., on website, it is necessary to enter the passengers’ data in order registration could be performed. This can be done by clicking on the link that will be sent along with the flight ticket payment confirmation letter. After the entry of this data, employees shall check-in you and send boarding passes no earlier than 48 hours before the flight by e-mail. The boarding ticket must be printed out. If you fail to do this or lose your ticket, you will have to print it at the airport for a large registration charge.


4. Should I proceed to the registration desk if I have checked-in on-line and have only hand luggage?

If you have checked-in online and have a printed out boarding pass with you, upon arrival at the airport you can immediately proceed to the security check point.


5. Where should I proceed upon arrival at the airport if I have checked baggage with me?

If you have checked baggage and you have a boarding pass, upon arrival at the airport you must first deliver your luggage to one of the check-in desks, and only then proceed to the security check point. In this case, we recommend arriving at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight.

The registration ends 40 minutes before the scheduled departure of the aircraft. Passengers late to check in are not allowed on the plane.


6. When does the registration for a flight end?

The registration for routes within the middle of Europe expires 45 minutes before the flight whose time is indicated on the ticket.

The registration for international flights ends 60 minutes before the flight whose time is indicated on the ticket. If you are going on a tourist trip with a group, it is recommended to check in before two hours.


7. Do I have to print out my boarding card in colour?

Not necessarily, boarding cards can be printed in black ink; it is the most important that the barcode is clearly visible.


8. What should I do in order to change the flight date or passenger’s personal information?

Rules on change of flight ticket dates or passengers’ personal data are established by airlines. Depending on the rules of the airline, the data and the dates can be changed free of charge, for a certain airline fee or not changed at all.  Each case is unique, thus in order to make changes please contact us.


9. Does the flight ticket price include meals?

This depends on the rules of each airline - in some cases meals are included in the price, in other cases you can buy food during the flight from the menu. During long-haul flights, meals are usually included in the ticket price and passengers are offered meals several times during the flight. It is always allowed to carry snacks on the plane. For more specific information, please contact us.


10. What kinds of entertainment are offered for passengers?

Airline companies offer a variety of entertainment to their passengers, which often depends on the duration of the flight and the airline. During shorter flights, passenger usually can read airline magazines, do shopping or participate in lotteries. During long-haul flights, passengers can watch movies, TV shows, listen to music, play computer games.


11. Is it allowed to use electronic devices during the flight?

Portable electronic devices containing a radio transmitter or receiver may cause interference to the aircraft navigation system, therefore it is not allowed to use them during the flight. Other electronic devices, including, but not limited to tablet computers, MP3 or MP4 players, e-readers, portable DVD players, are not allowed to be used while taking off and landing. Certain airlines request cell phones to be turned off during the entire flight. Each airline independently determines the rules of the use of electronic devices during flights, therefore please contact us for more detailed information.